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Upcoming and Interesting Events



October 26-27, 2019

Vailtree Event and Conference Center

1567 Bakatsias Lane

Haw River, NC 27528



This annual event is sponsored by the Alamance Artisans Guild, Burlington NC.  

The Guild has over 80 members and this annual event draws hundreds of visitors to one convenient location just off of Interstate 40 near Alamance Community College.  

My drawings, paintings, Silverpoint drawings and handmade art and writing journals will be for sale.

It is a Studio Tour without the touring and traveling to all the different locations. 

Truly a "One Stop Shop" event.

For more information about the Alamance Artisans Guild: alamanceartisans.com

The Extravaganza for 2018 was a big success.    Please plan on attending next years event on

October 26-27, 2019.


I will be showing the Triangle Pen Club how to make Coptic Stitch Journals on March 10, 2019 at their monthly meeting.  Please go to their Meetup website to register at:


It is an open meeting.


If you have ever wanted to learn how to do the unique drawing style of silverpoint, you may want to consider taking a class on it.  You will learn the techniques of how to do silverpoint to include how to prepare for the process, and actually doing a drawing.  Silverpoint drawing classes will be offered at the Orange County, NC Senior Centers in two locations on the following dates and locations:

March 18 & 25, 2019

2:00 to 4:00

Seymour Center


2551 Homestead Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

March 18 & 25, 2019

5:30 to 7:30

Passmore Center


103 Meadows Drive, Hillsborough, NC 27278

These classes are open to people of various ages and for people outside of the county.  Please contact the centers for more information.  


Hand made journals are also available at CAPTAIN WHITE'S HOUSE with the Alamance Arts in North Carolina.  Please visit them if you are in the area.

213 S. Main St., Graham, NC 27253


My Theory

Life is too short, no matter how long it is.

There is a need in me to share what I enjoy and to encourage others to share in their joys. 

I began this journey with hopes of encouraging individuals to reevaluate their values and refocus on the true values of their life, even if it goes as far back as to childhood dreams.

Childhood dreams should not contain attacking people with dangerous weapons.  There are other alternatives to those types of events.  One of those alternatives is to pick up a pen, a pencil or a paint brush to express one's self through writing or art. 


One of my goals is to encourage other people to be mentally creative over physically violent.  An example: veterans, one of which I am, who have gone through emotional turmoil in various forms, consider joining in the process of writing through your fears or your emotional events.

A suggestion: everyone could evaluate what their childhood values were to refocus on their true elements of productive creativity, in whatever form it may be, whether working with their hands or working with their minds.  What is the avenue for this process?  That which is within Your Heart!

I am not saying writing, drawing or painting is the absolute cure which will take care of everyone's issues.  What I am saying is this: those with the minute desire to write, paint or draw - begin.  Let it help you to reground yourself, in some manner, manageable by you.

If your dreams are creating with your hands, so be it.  Please, follow your desires.  Creativity comes in many forms.  Healing comes in just as many forms.  Begin today.

Another goal is to offer a quality hand made product at a reasonably economic price, for those wanting to write, draw or paint in, and have a memorable item to keep. 

Now I am offering cards which are from my original artwork of various forms: watercolor, acrylic, silverpoint drawings,pen & ink and a combination of all of these art forms.

What to look for in the future.

Silverpoint, or Silver Point drawing has been a passion of mine for a while.  Now, Silver point journals are available.  

Eventually, I hope to have leather journals with removable and replaceable inserts.

My art pictures are available now and more art pictures will be added.  

And - as I have identified extra art supplies, I wll post them on the site also.

A request for the future.

Please check back through the website to find new products.  Different journals are at various locations or show events.  No two journals will be listed or seen at different locations at the same time.  New journals are also being made and as they are finished, they will be posted on the website.

Lastly: Thank you for being part of my joy!                                 

                                          V. DeKnikker

About The Journals

What Do I Do?

I make unique journals for  

Writing, Drawing, Watercolor and Mixed Media.  Each one is made by hand.

These smaller journals, which can be utilized especially as travel journals, are in a continuous design and production process.

I am now ready to offer these journals to customers who also desire one of a kind journals based upon their needs.

No two journals will be exactly the same.

If a number of journals are needed for special occasions, they can be ordered in advance of the event.

These books can make family events, reunions, birthdays, holidays and weddings into special events by offering collectible heirlooms as gifts.

Each is unique!  Just as the event is.


Giving Is Receiving!

Why Do It!

The difficulty in purchasing writing and art journals was the catalyst for this design and creative process.

The design concept for the journals and diaries was to have specialized papers based on the medium of choice: pencil, pen, pen & ink, watercolor, silverpoint drawing or light acrylics.  The opportunity to use any combination at a moments notice was important.  

Each journal needed to open flat for ease of use whether using a pen, pencil or brush.

After being unable to purchase no-lined journals, art journals or diaries, for individual and specific needs, designing and creating them, independent of commercial designs, was the only solution.

Just as every individual in the world is unique, so is each journal.  This is not a factory made product in any fashion.

And so the journey began!

How It Is Done!

The process begins with deciding what type of writing or art is desired: pencil, pen, pen & ink, watercolor, silverpoint, light acrylic or washes of various combinations.

The paper for the internal pages is then selected and prepared into "signatures".

Handmade paper is selected for the cover and these sheets may be dyed by hand.

The strength and thickness of the cover is important for offering support while writing, drawing or using any mixed media.

As the signatures are sewn together, consideration is given to make sure the book will open to a flat state and remain open while writing, drawing or using a brush.  

Each journal is made one at a time.  With the individually selected internal pages, and the cover paper being handmade, no two journals will ever be exactly the same.  For this reason, a picture of each journal is identified with its own individual number and no doubles will be created.

Upon completion of each journal, a number is assigned to that journal.

Journal Types - Scroll down to "View All Products" too.


Writing & Sketch Journals

Writing and Sketch Journals are excellent for memoirs, individual narrations, drawings or any combination.  

The journals are made by hand with handmade papers for the covers.  If a commercially made product it used, it will be noted in the description of the product.

They open flat for ease of use with an opportunity to use each page individually or with double page designs.

These would make ideal unique individual, wedding and birthday gifts.

Writing Journals will be shown with Item Numbers in the 1000 series.

Sketch Journals will be shown with Item Numbers in the 2000 series.


Watercolor Journals

Watercolor Journals also have handmade paper for the covers, have a hard cover and open flat.  

The internal pages are made with watercolor paper which is ideal for use with watercolor, inks, pen, pen & ink and washes individually or with a variety of these combinations.  

These products have Item Numbers in the 3000 series.


Mixed Media and Silverpoint Journals

Mixed Media Journals also have a hard cover and are made with handmade paper.  These journals also open flat for ease of use.

The internal pages are from paper specifically designed for the "mixed media" concept.  Here, acrylic, watercolor, inks, pen & ink or any combination of these products can be utilized by the artist.

Mixed Media Journals are shown as Item Numbers in the 4000 series.

SilverPoint Journals have both sides of each page specially prepared to accept silver, gold, brass or copper points as a drawing instrument.  These are in the 5000 series.

Writing, Sketch, Watercolor and Silverpoint Journals

Art Supplies and Art

Art Supplies

As we all progress through our art development career, each of us finds we no longer use some of our tools.  Rather than throw mine away, I hope to pass these items on to an interested person.  Therefore the items will be offered for sale.  The items listed and pictured are available on the ETSY store set up at :  etsy.com/shop/Pulp4Papers.  


As time goes on, we develop as a child into an adult.  Along the way, we loose the childhood and the elements of being a child.  Now, I have gone back to my childhood dream of doing art.  I do not have a college degree in art.  I do have a number of college degrees, but not in art.  And with that I am extremely pleased.  The process of bringing my ideas to the art world has been a long and arduous process.  Now I am prepared to show and sell my art.  Here again, I ask that you go to my website on ETSY if you would like to purchase my products, whether is be writing or art journals, extra art supplies or my unique art.  And that web address is: etsy.com/shop/Pulp4Papers


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